When the borders were redrawn

Facts on Andhra and Potti Sriramulu Garu

కట్టా మీఠా

Deccan Herald

Friday, September 26, 2003

“Who killed Sriramulu?” was the question making rounds, clearly pointing towards certain Andhra leaders who had apparently felt that they could achieve their objective, through Sriramulu’s supreme sacrifice and had therefore not dissuaded him from fasting.

It is 50 years since Bellary district came into the erstwhile Mysore State. Krishna Vattam who was a witness to the times recounts the events that led to the final merger

October 1, 1953 was a historic day in the political map of India. It was on this day the new State of Andhra was inaugurated in the “tent capital of Kurnool”. And consequent to the formation of this new State, Bellary district, which was part of the Madras Composite State, became an integral part of the erstwhile Mysore State.

These two events marked the beginning of the formation of the two linguistic states — Andhra and Karnataka…

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