Misses Misleads Singh – Time for Sayonara

Mr Prime Minister of Billion Plus Helpless Indians, after reading your statement in Parliament after 160 days since you made any statement in Parliament, Only word that come to my mind is :  “Sayonara” 

Listing the Misses and Misleads that makes me say so.


1. You did not inform the $20 Billion import of Coal that caused huge addition to the trade deficit and current account deficit.

2. You did not tell what stopped you from auctioning the COAL BLOCKS since the Legislation was completed in 2010

3. What urgency have you shown or action you have taken to clear the COALGATE mess in spite of commitments made to Supreme Court and the Parliament.

4. Why is the Mining sector hit so badly while China without resources is able to Grow it?

India Mining and Iron Ore Production Downfall


“The easy reforms of the past have been done. “

Totally misleading and grossly incorrect statement, It is the Govt Policy Paralysis that everyone else in India and abroad except you think, hence this senseless and careless statement is good enough for you to say Sayonara and move on..

“There may be short term shocks to our economy and we need to face them. That is the reality of a globalised economy, whose benefits we have reaped in the last 15 to 20 years.”

Another totally misleading and baseless statement after delivering “Decade of Decay” for India under your outsourced cabinet model of governance.

     “I urge political parties to work towards this end and to join in the government’s efforts to put   the economy back on the path of stable and sustainable growth.”

Time to say Sayonara to this hopeless government and show your sincerity in above statement by forming National Government and asking BJP to take charge of Finance Ministry and Defence Ministry and offer 3 to 4 other cabinet ministries to 20+ MP parties.

Send out Strong Signal to Business and International Community.

Call General Elections along with state elections in Nov 2013.

Save precious Time & Resources and arrest the falling economy urgently..

Vande Mataram

Jai Hind

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