Misses Misleads Singh – COALGATE

Honourable Prime Minister of India Sri Man Mohan Singh made statement in Parliament on August 27, 2012 on controversial COAL Block Allocations during his tenure.
As a Citizen of India reviewed  now, almost after one year and listing  Misses and Misleading points I noticed.


1. There was sudden phenomenal Jump in international COAL prices towards end of 2008 that was behind cronie trying to lay their hand on the BLACK Gold thru the arbitrary process that you as prime minister chose to support. No mention is made about this fact and background, a deliberate miss to mislead one and all.


2. No Explanation as to why even after 2010 amendment of the mines act as deemed to have been a requirement, the auction of COAL blocks have not taken place? What is the steps Government initiated.

3. Coal imports by Indian companies had crossed 100 Million Tonnes last fiscal this alone increased over $20 Billion to Current Account Deficit thats hurting economy so badly.

Below graphs is only of 9 months last fiscal, its even worst in current fiscal year.

India's import of COAL


” The UPA made improvements in the procedure in 2005 by inviting applications through open advertisements after providing details of the coal blocks on offer along with the guidelines and the conditions of allotment. These applications were examined and evaluated by a broad based Steering Committee with representatives from state governments, related ministries of the central government and the coal companies. The applications were assessed on parameters such as the techno economic feasibility of the end use project, status of preparedness to set up the end use project, past track record in execution of projects, financial and technical capabilities of the applicant companies, recommendations of the state governments and the administrative ministry concerned.”

Files your Coal Minister now admitting to are missing and not been giving to CBI inspite of  reminders and Supreme Court follow up and displeasure at Government and its lawers, law minister and CBI for their conduct that already made the law minister to resign, its unthinkable that status of missing files was not known when you made statement or it was a deliberate miss that was subsequently destroyed as they will contradict and nail down above statement as misleading if not a LIE..

“legislative changes that would be required for the proposed change would require considerable time and the process of allocation of coal blocks for captive mining could not be kept in abeyance for so long given the pressing demand for coal.”

If you genuinely believed in it from 2010 till now almost 3 years since legislation was amended you could have done many auctions of the COAL blocks and pushed forward to meet the pressing demand of coal and shown the animal spirit you often talked to bring the economy back on rail.

“28. It is true that the private parties that were allocated captive coal blocks could not achieve their production targets. This could be partly due to cumbersome processes involved in getting statutory clearances, an issue we are addressing separately. We have initiated action to cancel the allocations of allottees who did not take adequate follow-up action to commence production. Moreover, CBI is separately investigating the allegations of malpractices, on the basis of which due action will be taken against wrongdoers, if any. “

Even after one year except CBI, Law Minister, PMO and COAL minister busy making stories for Supreme Court nothing has been reported in terms of progress.. A gross misleading of nation and poor commitment to the cause of the nation..

“Now that the report of the CAG is before the House, appropriate action on the recommendations and observations contained in the report will follow through the established parliamentary procedures.”

You have already demonstrated to the nation what you meant by your readiness to appear before PAC for 2G and subsequently what you and your government did with JPC. This statement is by now considered default misleading statement of your government on any matter..

Finally I feel, Dear Honest Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh Ji.

In COALGATE there is no one else but you to take responsibility for the entire misdeed..

Final good thing you can do to the nation is :

Call general elections along with forth coming state elections and spare the nation from further misses and misleads,  save precios time of all, precious tax payers money and trouble of next summer for all of India and have timely and graceful exit from the gaddi..

Source :  Ironically this is your last published statement in parliament !!http://pmindia.nic.in/pmsinparliament.php?nodeid=68


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